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Word Vomit about The Avengers

Some ramblings about the Avengers. It's pretty long and full of spoilers.

I know there are things I missed and things I may fail to mention here but I just want to like... vomit some avengers feels here.

So firstly... I just want to get it out of the way that this movie, though in the end may be flawed or not the best plot ever whatever whatever I haven't really analyzed it but it was super fun. FUN. I cannot remember having a more enjoyable time watching a movie. Seriously. Super Fun. So whatever issues we may end up saying it had... it will always be fun.

And now I will try to talk about some shit I loved. Gonna try and talk about characters/moments individually to make this as organized as possible.

LOKI: I start with him because... Loki's gawddamn entrance. Can we just talk about this motherfucker just coming in and ripping shit apart! Okay? Seriously dude... that is a way to set a tone.

So we knew that Loki was bringing and army and that he had to make a deal with somebody/something to get this army. I was surprised to find out though as the movie progressed that this "deal" was one in which Loki was kind of being "used". I mean, he was aware of what he was doing and he was definitely Loki throughout but I was surprised as how it seemed Thanos or this other guy had this hold over Loki. With that moment where Loki is like remembering that chat and the alien guy touched his head. It did seem that Loki had gotten himself a bit in over his head and that was interesting. It definitely set the scale for Thanos a bit.. that he's going to be something much bigger than Loki.

My favorite Loki moment was probably the eyeball moment or his scene in the cage with Black Widow. SO FUCKING GOOD. Not entirely sure in the end of that scene on who played who but it was perfect. And Loki's tirade to Black Widow about what he was going to make Hawkeye do... omfg

STEVE: Ugh. I was not expecting all these Steve Rogers feels, let me tell you. He was just so.... wonderful. He was sad a bit lost and a bit confused but he was still Steve. He was still there and ready to get the job done. And he was strong and I could go on and on about how I was so in love with him throughout the movie.

I really think the scene that sealed him as just right in the movie was when Tony and Bruce were talking about their suspicions and though Steve wasn't really into the idea of spying on SHIELD and shit he still heard them out and went and did his own investigating. "The computer was too slow." (or something) UGH UGH UGH LET ME LOVE YOU. And Steve was so funny! The $10. The reference he finally got and when he was helping Tony outside the hellicarrier. Yes good.

Though my favorite Steve moment was of course when all the Avengers are down on the streets fighting and when the odds are getting extremely bad it comes down to them working as a team and Steve is there. There to take the lead and assess the best way to get the job done and gives out the orders. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

BLACK WIDOW: I cannot express how much awesome Black Widow was. I knew she was going to be badass but I think some of her moments I remember the best. Like, as I mentioned above, her scene with Loki in the cell. Her tactics in using her possible emotional connection with Hawkeye to trick Loki into giving her some information. She seemingly knew just what buttons to push and how to tease them. Though like I said, in the end... who really played who seems to be kind of in the air. Though Loki did look a bit confuzzled but his plan still seemed to succeed, so who won that little bout of tricks? *Shrug*

Her moments with Banner and Hakweye also stick out to me as some of the more moving scenes in the film but still infused with great attitude and humor. Black Widow asking Cap for a boost to jump onto one of those gliders was a moment I loved, at least for the teamwork. and it showcased her utter badassery.

My favorite scene with her, maybe not the strongest scene, but I absolutely love it. Was when she and Bruce get knocked down after an explosion and she's trapped and Bruce is hulking out and she's trying to keep him calm. And then two guys come and she waves them away because if Bruce Hulks out they'd be in danger. She took it on herself to try and keep Bruce calm while trying to free herself and knowing that she was possibly not getting out of there.

HAWKEYE: Okay so he didn't really get to shine quite as much as the others due to the fact that half of the movie he was Loki's mind slave. But he did have some great moments and you know... with a bit of help he was able to pretty much take out the hellicarrier so that was cool.

I'll be interested to see if anything more comes from him being mind controlled. The talk he had with Black Widow made it clear that it was a horrible experience for him. And he wants to make Loki pay for what he did. We shall see.

Favorite Hawkeye moment was when he shot the arrow at Loki. And then Loki catches it and you think "well, damn" but then it explodes in Loki's face and everything is perfect. lmao

BRUCE (HULK): Had the lowest expectations for this guy. I don't mind Hulk but I don't find him specifically that interesting overall. But Bruce and Hulk also kind of impressed me the most. I understand why everybody was singing Ruffalo's praises after finally getting to the see the movie. And I'm super glad I was somewhat wrong about him. (Though he still doesn't fit the physical appearance of Bruce to me, but that's not super important)

Bruce's complete lack of being comfortable was perfect. I like that they kept him on edge and suspicious though he tried to hide it. Ugh and his secret "I'm always angry." LET ME HOLD YOU, BRUCE. BAWWWWWWW And Hulk by far got the most cheers, applauding and laughs. Like everytime Hulk was on screen people were laughing and cheering. I was so pleased that they made Hulk fun. That's always something I was kind of bored with in the previous movies for him... they got all the angst and the problems but they weren't FUN. This was FUN. You wanted to see more Hulk. But that also may be due to that they didn't give you tons of Hulk. It was mostly Bruce and then we got "rewarded" with Hulk after a good build up.

My favorite Bruce moment was when he came back on his motorbike and was just like "Well, this is horrible." I know there were more important Bruce moments and all of them were wonderful but I just couldn't handle that ridiculous moment, i'm sorry. My favorite Hulk moment... well... that's hard to say really but I think it was when he and Thor teamed up to take down that metal snake dragon and they were actually WORKING TOGETHER and once it was taken down and they're just standing kind of like "Well, that's done" and then Hulk punches Thor. LOST MY SHIT.

THOR: Okay now if any Odinson needs a hug it's Thor. My poor God of Thunder. Let me hold you and you can let out all your feels. I loved the Thor and Loki moments, I felt like they weren't entirely skimmed over because there is a lot of shit between them since the end of Thor and I was scared we may not get much since there are so many characters that need to get moments. Though overall I do feel like Thor was kind of the least memorable in this movie. Sadly. I mean, he still had great moments and was amazing but he didn't completely stand out and still kind of felt like a complete outsider by the end of the film.

But seriously his moments with Loki ugh. Broke my heart. Thor just wanted to reason with him but he knew it wasn't going to work but he tried anyway. Oh Thor, you beautiful blond godling. He had a small moment with Coulson where he seemed to guilt himself over his problems being the cause of so much bad on Earth and that was probably his most important character moment.

My favorite Thor moment had to be when he burst into the quinjet and stole Loki away. Like no fuss. He just wooped Iron Man in the face, grabbed Loki and took off. Yes, Thor. Yes.

TONY STARK: Yeah, this fucking asshole. What can I say... he was and still is a pile of dicks. Definitely had most of the best lines. Was full of nothing but self love and caused a lot of the dissent amongst the Avengers crew. In fact, I think Loki's plan may have kind of hinged on Tony being Tony and hacking into the SHIELD computers and causing chaos with his attitude and inflammatory comments.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have Tony feels all over this fucking movie. I am glad to say though that I don't think he stole the movie or over shadowed the other characters, as some people have speculated or said about the movie. PEPPERONY!!!!!!!!!!! CAN I JUST PEPPERONY!!!!!!!! I was weeping at the end when JARVIS asked to call Pepper and his face and then she didn't answer..... letttt meeee diiiiiie. Okay, I could really go on and on about all his scenes because Toooony but I won't or this will get super super long. So in short all his nicknames, perfect. His keeping super important shit in the bar, perfect. "Finally somebody who speaks english." Perfect. "And he didn't invite me?" ugh perfect okay

My favorite Tony moment was probably the end when Tony flies through the gateway thing with the nuke. Yeah... I hate that I'm going here but all my Tony feels. Like... literally ALL MY TONY FEELS IN THAT MOMENT. EVERY ONE OF THEM AT ONCE.

Nick Fury, Coulson, Maria Hill: FLAW FREE. ALL OF THEM. I am so glad that these non-supers got to be badass, fantastic, funny, great, adorable, and everything that I ever wanted.

Though a negative about Coulson's death. I was spoiled to him dying. And yeah, I didn't want him to get killed. But his death scene... was probably the one moment where I was really taken out of the film and thought "Joss Whedon... really?" Not because of the death but because of Coulson's dialogue. Coulson is dying and is used to literally tell the audience that his death should be used to bring the team together. Seriously? It was awkward, okay. And most of the Avengers had just met him, why should his death be so much more special then all those other SHIELD agents who had died on the Hellicarrier or before? The only people who I can feasibly think would care that much would possibly be Hawkeye, Black Widow and Tony. And I did like that Steve and Tony had a little talk about Coulson. But really?

But by making him used so obviously and by having Fury use lies and exaggeration of Coulson's death it kind of throws shade on Coulson's death in general and is making me think he's not even really dead at this point.



So in conclusion. Amazingly fun movie. I wish I could see it again in theaters but I'm not sure if that's going to happen but yes it was great. I think they did something amazing in making this thing work with that huge cast and still rewarding the audience with each character. I applaud Marvel and Joss Whedon for making this so much fun.

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