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Fanfic: Sylar/HRG "The Trip to the Zoo"

I wrote another fic. OMFG. I've gotten a little writing bug. I may not be the best writer in the world, and I've taken such a long break from writing that I'm still very rusty, but I'm happy to be writing nonsense again. YIPPEEE. I don't even know.

Not beta'd cause I feel impatient and yeah. Soooo yeah. I hope its all in character. I feel if anything this one is most out of character of what I've written so far just cause its... Sylar and Noah... in a ZOO. gaaaah. Somehow that is more weird to me then the crazy rampant sex.

This one is not Pr0ns. I apologize. haha

Title: The Trip to the Zoo
Author: greatbriton
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sylar/Noah Bennet
Summary: Noah and Sylar take a trip to the zoo in pursuit of a man.
Word Count: 3753
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes or any characters associated with Heroes and I make no profit of any sort off of this story.
Warnings/Spoilers: Slight violence. Mention of nudity. Slight cursing. Spoilers to a few episodes into Season 3.

Noah's eyes squinted as the sun shown down brightly into the car. An open parking spot up ahead caught his eye and he pulled into it and slipped the car in park.

"I hope you are joking," Sylar said, his voice revealed he wasn't convinced his hopes would be fulfilled.

"This is his last known location. Our target works on staff here," Noah answered. He pulled a folder from his dashboard, opened it, and handed it to Sylar. Sylar glanced at him and gave an eye roll as he took the folder.

"That's him," Noah pointed at the picture. It was of a man, average build if in good shape for his apparent age. He had no hair except for a short beard of white and he had green eyes. "His name is John Logan."

"Yeah, I can read," Sylar said sharply and closed the folder. "It doesn't say what he does. What's his ability?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." Noah smiled and took the folder from Sylar.

Sylar gave Noah a level look. They stared at each other for a long moment and then Noah broke eye contact and slid the folder under his seat.

"You really think I'm going to tell you what he can do after what happened before?"

"You don't know what his ability is," Sylar said as a matter of fact, not a question. Sylar looked out through the windshield and shook his head.

Noah frowned but realized that Sylar was probably going to be of some use in there so he gave up being secretive. "We think... we know that he's a shape shifter."

"A shape shifter?" Sylar repeated. His eyes turned to Noah and he looked calm, but there was a new spark of interest in the brown depths.

Noah nodded but regretted having told the psychopath about Mr. Logan. Noah wished he would have just told him nothing and done the work on his own. Working alone was what he was best at.

He turned from Sylar and stepped out of the car and into the day’s hot sun. Sylar followed his lead but leaned on to the hood of the car and squinted at Noah.

"What does he shape shift into? Anything?" His interest was far too deep now. Noah didn't trust the new interest so he double checked the gun in its holster at his side. Now he had Sylar to worry about more than their target. This was far from a beneficial partnership.

"I'll let you know when I see him," Noah said. He gave Sylar a hard look and walked off. Sylar caught up with him quickly and they walked side by side. The day was too hot for a suit but Noah hadn't been expecting to be sent here.

"You want to find a shape shifter in there?" Sylar asked.

"That's the plan," Noah answered.

"In a zoo?"

Noah stopped and Sylar took two steps before he realized and stopped himself. He turned to look back at Noah; his large eyebrows obscured his eyes in the heavy sunlight.

"I said that's the plan," Noah repeated. "You can either come along or you stay in the car like the brat you are."

Sylar frowned and his eyebrows lowered even further but he didn't say anything else on the matter. Noah patted a hand against the gun under his jacket again and wished for the strength to not use it.

They reached the front gate and Sylar reached in his pockets then shrugged and smiled.

"Looks like you're paying," he said.

"Right," Noah sighed. He pulled out his wallet and gave the park attendant his company card. While the transaction took place Noah noticed Sylar looking eagerly into the park. He was on the balls of his feet and Noah half expected him to start bouncing. He was given his tickets and receipt which he shoved into his wallet, ignoring the strange looks from people that found men in suits at a zoo to be out of place.

He grabbed Sylar by the arm and pulled him close.

"Don't get too excited. You try anything in there... ANYTHING... and I won't think twice about putting you down," Noah said quickly and quietly. "Don't think I'm letting you walk in there to add another piece to your arsenal. Or hurt any innocent people."

Sylar smirked and leaned in closer.

"I just really like zoos," he said. He pulled his arm from Noah's grasp and snatched a ticket from Noah's fingers. He walked away with Noah's eyes on him until he stopped behind a small family in line to get in the gate. A young boy in front of the family looked over his shoulder at Sylar and smiled. He received a small wave from Sylar in return.

Noah felt uneasy at the exchange and moved to Sylar's side to watch over him. The line moved slowly and the sun beat down hard. They should have come later in the day but Noah wanted the job over with. He noticed Sylar shift and wipe sweat from his forehead, and then he shrugged off his suit jacket.

"Your company's dress code is a bit too strict," Sylar said. The younger man adjusted and then loosened his tie.

"It's not just my company now. You're here for them too, remember, Sylar?" Noah said. "You can go back and sit in the car if you want."

Sylar glared at him out of the corner of his eyes and made a "hurmph" sound.

"It's always an option," Noah added with a smile.

Finally, they made it to the front of the line and first Sylar handed over his ticket, got a stamp on his hand and then strolled through the gates. Noah followed but refused to let them stamp his hand. They should have no return visits. Sylar watched the exchange with an amused smile on his face.

Noah, set on the task, pulled Sylar off to the side of the crowd wandering through the gates.

"We're going to stick together. No wandering off."

"Who are you, my father?" Sylar asked. His eyes roamed about to whatever parts of the zoo that they could see and he only met Noah's eyes after a moment of silence had fallen.

Noah glared at Sylar and said, "No, I'm your damn babysitter." He took a few seconds to focus his thoughts after Sylar's father comment had rattled them. That entire story was something that made even Noah's head spin. He also had to focus his anger from Angela Petrelli, for putting him in this situation, to be directed at a more deserving target in Sylar.

"We're going to circle around the zoo. Starting over there," he pointed to a photo shack next to a dolphin exhibit. "And we'll go counter clock---"

"Can we go see the polar bears?" Sylar interrupted him, not caring for Noah's plan.


"The polar bears."

"We're not here to see exhibits. We're here to catch a dangerous man."

"He could be in the polar bear exhibit, couldn't he?" Sylar asked, hoping his logic would be seen.

Noah brought his hand up and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He was going to get a splitting headache if he had to stand here and argue with Sylar in the middle of a zoo.

"We can get to the polar bears when we get to them. We're going to go counter clockwise around the park."

"I'm going to the polar bear exhibit," Sylar announced and he turned away from Noah and began walking. Noah stared in confusion for a moment and had to stop himself from shouting at the other man. It was too public and perhaps Sylar knew that. He was testing Noah or maybe just irritating him on purpose.

Noah moved quickly and caught up with Sylar. He caught his arm and pulled him to a stop.

"We're not going to the polar bear exhibit, Sylar. This isn't a field trip."

Sylar sighed as if he were extremely put out. Then he looked at Noah and then at the dolphin exhibit and the photo shack. The younger man tossed his jacket down on a nearby bench and shrugged.

"If we do your plan we're stopping at the polar bear exhibit."

Noah could feel his eyes roll up in his annoyance. "Fine."

"Good, let's go," Sylar said. Then he laughed and shook his head. "Counter clockwise." He huffed another laugh and seemed to find the situation all too amusing.

"Glad to see you in a better mood."

Sylar smiled and said, "Did you know that most right handed people prefer to travel in an anti-clockwise direction."

Noah lowered his brows in both confusion and surprise at Sylar's casual piece of conversation.

"And so I guess most left handed people prefer to travel--"

"Clockwise," Sylar finished.

"Yeah, interesting."

Noah noticed Sylar's smile slowly slip from his face, possibly as a result of his thoughts turning toward a life he had once had. Or maybe it was just other horrifying thoughts that took the smile away. Noah could never tell what drove Sylar's thought process but he felt a moment of genuine sadness for Sylar at him losing the one innocently happy moment Noah had ever seen.

Noah noticed they were at the dolphin exhibit and he rushed inside, knowing Sylar would follow. Noah ignored the people bustling about them and glued his eyes onto the animals. Even the heat was lost to his senses as everything honed in on his mission, to find John Logan.

Sylar slid in against his side, crammed in by so many sweating and joyful bodies. "I thought you said we weren't here for the exhibits."

"We aren't."

Sylar looked momentarily confused but Noah would give him nothing else to go by. The younger man seemed to think the people were what they needed to watch but he was wrong.

Noah scanned each dolphin intensely, one by one. Meanwhile, Sylar wrinkled his nose at the smell of dead fish but when a girl next to him looked away for a moment he snatched one from her tray with his telekinetic ability. It felt slimy and cold against his fingers. He noticed the other people squealing and laughing as they fed the dolphins with their fish. So he leaned over the edge a bit and held the fish out by its tale.

A few moments later a large gray dolphin came up smoothly from the water with its long mouth open, demanding food. Sylar dropped the fish into the dolphin's mouth, which it gobbled down quickly. It shook its head up and down, the nose splashing water up and it fell over the people in front of the dolphin. Sylar grinned and it was mirrored by the girl beside him. Noah, on the other hand, did not grin.

"What are you doing?" His voice was aggravated.

Noah stepped away from the tank and pulled his glasses off. Sylar bit his lip to keep from grinning even more as Noah irritably wiped his glasses off with the bottom of his tie.

"Is he here?" Sylar changed the subject.

"No," Noah said. He slipped his glasses back on and glared at Sylar. "I don't think so. Let's move on."

Noah led them away from the dolphins and back out onto the main walkway.

"Where to next?" Sylar asked.

"There," Noah pointed and began walking immediately.

"Monkeys and apes, oh fun," Sylar said sarcastically.

"Well, it looked like you found the dolphins to be entertaining enough."

Sylar shifted his shoulders and made no comment.

They entered the exhibit and Noah again attached his eyes to the animals. He watched each one carefully for a few moments. Making sure he was certain in his decision.

"If you would tell me what we are looking for, I could possibly help," Sylar said impatiently.

Noah squinted against the sun to see Sylar's face. He looked him up and down quickly and shook his head.

"Well, it's obviously not a person you're looking for," Sylar said. "He's a monkey?"

"That's an ape," Noah corrected.

"An ape, then."

"No, I don't think he's any of these."

Sylar groaned at Noah and his secrets.

"Noah, this isn't--"

Noah turned on Sylar and put a finger to his chest. "Just let me do my job. Keep your mouth shut and your powers to yourself and this will get done much faster. You're here 'cause Angela Petrelli wants you here, no other reason."

A small bubble of space had been given to the two men as their exchange had made parents pull their kids closer and others to shy away.

"You're making a scene," Sylar said softly.

Noah dropped his finger and glanced around quickly. He looked away from the stares and back at Sylar. He conveyed with a nod toward the exit that he wanted them to leave. Sylar couldn't help the smile on his lips that he aimed at Noah's back as he followed him.

"What's next?"

Noah stopped and frowned. He thought about skipping the section but he knew he couldn't.

"The Arctic. Polar bears," Sylar said almost gleefully in answer to his own question.

"We're going to go in, look and get out. You hear me?" Noah said. He felt like he was talking to a misbehaving teenager. He already had two of them he didn't need a third.

It was Sylar who entered first and he quickly headed to the edge of the railing with the vantage point out into the polar bear pen. Noah followed more slowly and moved in next to Sylar.

"Are you happy now?" he asked.

"Did you know that polar bears are the world's largest land predators?" Sylar said like it was a fact of the most interesting nature.

Noah looked out at the polar bears. He ran his eyes over each one. None showing the marks he was looking for. Their target wasn't here either.

"Male polar bears can grow to ten feet tall and females grow to seven feet," Sylar continued with his factoids.

"Great," Noah said, his tone conveyed his lack of interest.

Sylar seemed enthralled by the large animals. "Polar bear hair isn't white, you know. It's actually clear and hollow."

Noah turned to Sylar and poked him in the shoulder. "Why do you know so much about polar bears?"

Sylar shrugged. "I read something once," he said quickly. "I'm a fast learner."

Noah narrowed his eyes at Sylar and was about to say something else when someone behind Sylar caught his eye. A man, past his middle years, bald with a small white beard and a missing ear. Sylar caught the direction of Noah's gaze and turned to follow it. At that moment the man looked up from collecting a trash bag and caught Noah's eyes.

The man tensed and then quickly disappeared around the corner. Noah and Sylar both pushed through the small crowd in pursuit. Around the corner was a small hallway that led down and into the underwater view of the polar bear tank. Sylar moved down quicker then Noah who took more of a cautious approach. He reached a hand under his jacket to hold onto his gun.

Suddenly there were screams from down the hall. Noah's feet picked up their pace. People came running up past them, pushing and jostling Noah and Sylar as they fought to continue forward.

Sylar turned the last corner first and Noah heard his surprised yelp and then he saw what had caused it.

An enormous polar bear was standing across the room from them. Ten feet long would be a good description. Its giant paws shifted against the hard floor and its eyes watched the two men. One of the bear's ears was gone, a harsh and dark scar in its place.

"That's him, isn't it?" Sylar asked quickly. He seemed a little off balance with coming face to face with a polar bear.

Noah nodded and pulled out his gun.

"You never said he was a polar bear."

"We weren't sure what all he could turn into."

Noah raised his gun and pointed it at the bear.

"We know it is you, John Logan. Shift back. We don't want to but we will take you by force if necessary," Noah said. Sylar glanced his way at the "by force" part but then shrugged and stood taller.

The bear shook its massive bulk as if saying "no" to Noah's request.

Noah's arms tensed slightly in preparation to fire his gun and at the small motion the bear lunged forward. It roared, a noise that thundered in the small enclosed room and Noah fired his gun. Then Noah crashed into Sylar as he pulled both himself and the younger man out of the way of the bear's attack, which had been slowed by the bullet that had lodged into his shoulder. Sylar landed on the ground hard, his skull colliding with the tile and then Noah collapsed on top of him.

Sylar heard muffled noises of the bear and Noah through the ringing in his ears. Noah pushed himself to his knees and Sylar scurried to his feet as quickly as he could. He could feel the warm blood on his scalp but he ignored it.

Red blood stained the white coat of the bear and it growled in pain but rounded on the two men quickly. Noah raised his gun again but he was too slow. The bear was there and over him in an instant. A collision with the back of a paw swipe knocked the gun out of Noah's hand and it slid across the floor. Sylar raised a hand and the bear stopped, its other massive paw in mid swing ready to rip Noah apart.

Noah stared up into the bear's eyes and breathed heavily. Sylar had to force all his concentration into holding the bear in place. It was a large creature that was fighting his hold. Sure, he could flip trucks and slide them across the road but not with a head full of loud ringing and not if it had actually been resisting against his hold. He felt a few beads of sweat start at his hair line and it wasn't the heat this time.

Noah pushed away from the bear whose eyes were darting frantically. He picked himself off the floor and stepped over to pick up his gun.

"Shift back!" he demanded and raised his gun. After a moment the bear made a strange noise that Noah took as a sign of surrender. "Release him."

Sylar took just a quick glance in Noah's direction and then concentrated back on the bear.

"Release him, Sylar," Noah repeated.

With a quiet sigh of exhaustion, Sylar released his hold on the bear. Its four paws landed on the ground and for an instant Sylar thought he was going to have to us his power again but then the bear seemed to morph. Its paws flexed and then somehow grew smaller and the hair fell from its body as it shook in its transformation. A roar escaped its massive throat which quickly turned into the noise of a man groaning in pain and the snout of the bear shrank and shrank until it molded into the pale nose of a man.

Noah noticed Sylar’s eyes fixated on the scene before them. His face looked flushed and Noah wasn’t sure if it had been the physical exertion or if Sylar was excited about the power being used in front of him.

Before their eyes the bear had become a man. John Logan was in front of them, naked and on all fours with a pile of polar bear hair surrounding him. He looked up at both men and snarled. Then his shoulder with the gunshot wound gave out and he collapsed. Blood poured from the wound and Noah quickly grabbed John's ripped shirt and rushed over to apply pressure to the wound.

"Why couldn't I stay here?" the man asked Noah.

Noah silently worked at tying the shirt tightly around the wound. The pain the tight makeshift bandage caused made John shout in pain and then he passed out.

Sylar looked down at him in quiet thoughtfulness. His hands were gripped in tight fists and he wouldn’t take his eyes off of the man.

"Go get his pants," Noah said. Sylar didn’t move. “Sylar!”

He snapped out of whatever dark place his mind had gone and looked down at Noah. His breathing was harder then before, Noah was sure of it.

“His pants. Get them.”

Sylar sighed and pulled the pants over with his power but frowned at them when he got them in his hands.

"There's not much pant left," Sylar said. He held the fabric up for Noah to see.

Noah frowned himself and then said, "Your suit jacket."

"Is on a bench by the dolphins," Sylar said.

Noah sighed a sigh of defeat. He pulled his own jacket off and they made a kind of skirt out of it. Noah really liked that jacket too.

"Now let's get him out of here."

Noah and Sylar each took a side and they carried the man out. Through quick talk and some fake badges Noah had them out of the park and into their car in about seventeen and a half minutes, which Sylar had pointed out.

They had to push and maneuver the unconscious man into the backseat and he promptly fell over into a laying position. Which would be fine for the short drive to dump him off on a pick up team.

Noah set up a contraption that hooked up into the man's nose to keep him drugged and unable to use his abilities. The last thing they needed was a polar bear in the back seat.

When they finally got back into the car and Noah had them back on the road Sylar spoke.

"He was in human form. Why hadn't you been looking at the people?"

"We knew he could shift into animals, but not sure of all the types. Figured in a zoo he'd hide that way."

"And the ear?"

Noah smiled and shrugged. "He lost it a few months back when we had encountered him before."

Sylar shook his head at Noah. "You didn't feel I could have needed that information."

"You didn't."

Again, Sylar shook his head. Then he cursed under his breath.

"What?" Noah asked.

"We didn't see the tigers," Sylar moped.

Noah laughed. "Well, maybe next time."


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