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Fanfic: Tony Stark/Loki - Dirty Dancers

Title: Dirty Dancers
Author: greatbriton
Rating: R-NC-17
Warnings: Ummm, bad descriptions of dancing?
Word Count: 3834
Pairing: Tony Stark/Loki
Summary: Tony finds Loki dancing in a club. An attempt at This Prompt.

It was the third… or maybe fourth drink when things started to get weird. Weird in ways that even Tony wasn’t used to, and he was used to a lot of weird shit from his time as Iron Man.

You see, when you turn around from the bar it’s not usually common to see a super powered villain of Godlike status, and psychopathic brother to Thor, on the dance floor. Hell, Tony didn’t even know the guy liked music. Remixed pop music didn’t seem the soundtrack of life for a creature like Loki.

Tony didn’t trust his own eyes until after he blinked a couple times and Loki remained Loki. With red, green and blue lights crisscrossing across his form as he moved with the music. He was wearing dark clothing, what looked like local fashion which meant it was from Earth. Green or blue long sleeves, hard to say, covered his thin arms and dark pants that fit like they were tailor made for him. Tony wondered if magic had been involved in that fitting process.

Shaking his head and sipping his drink Tony forced himself to stop thinking about what was going on with Loki’s wardrobe. In all his experience with the volatile man… god… Asgardian -- whatever he was -- Tony’s life had never not been in danger when Loki showed his face.

And being that he was the only Avenger in the room…

Instead of leaving his drink behind Tony swallowed the rest of it relishing the burn as it hit his throat. Time to take care of this.

Calling in backup or just letting somebody know, like Loki’s very strong brother, was probably something Tony should have done but he was a few drinks into his night and Loki was looking very distracted by the thumping beat of the music. Besides, his phone and calling card were all the way down in his pocket and that seemed too much of a hassle.

Keeping his eyes on the dark haired head of Loki as he made his way through the crowd, Tony was approached by a stunningly beautiful blonde woman.

“Oh hey there, Tony,” she cooed and put a hand on his shoulder. He felt like he had seen her face before but he was never the best with faces and it was dark and everything.

“Looking for somebody, darling’. Maybe another time,” he said in an apologetic voice as he slid her hand from him and continued forward toward the dangerous time bomb dancing in the middle of the floor like he was made for it.

It was like Loki knew he was there and coming toward him because no matter how Tony pushed through people Loki didn’t seem to be getting any closer. Loki danced across the floor. His lean body moving through the elbows and other dangerous body parts as if it were all choreographed before hand.

As his patience began to reach it’s end and Tony began to think he was a bit drunk and seeing things, he lost sight of Loki. It had been easy to locate him in the room as one trait he’d noticed of the gods that dropped from Asgard is that they were rather tall. That long dark haired head has been easy to spot over the shoulders and heads of most everybody in the room. But now there was no sign of it and Tony cursed under his breath.

Strong fingers wrapped around Tony’s wrist and he was yanked backward a few steps. Grunting in surprise and at the painful ache it gave his shoulder, Tony was caught off guard as he collided with Loki’s chest.

“This is a dance floor. You should be dancing, I suspect,” Loki’s smooth voice barely rose above the music.

Tony jerked away from Loki and pulled his hand away so roughly that he almost slapped himself with it as Loki let it loose. A smile crept across Loki’s face and Tony felt like he was being judged as incompetent.
“I think the dancing can wait. You‘re time is up here,” Tony said in what he had deemed his “justice be done” voice. Though with the noise and look on Loki’s face he didn’t think it had the same impact as it usually did.

Standing directly in front of Loki with his shadowed eyes and his powers that didn’t rely on a machine he didn’t have, Tony got the sudden feeling he had made a huge mistake by choosing confrontation. The odds had seemed better for him when Loki was across the room and paying him no attention.

“My time is my own and I have all night,” Loki said in reply, leaning closer so Tony could hear. He didn’t seem interested in the usual villainy speeches he liked to give or the causing of needless destruction. Loki just stood there quite calmly and quite un… Loki. A room full of people was usually what Loki considered a playground.

Tony scratched his chin and then crossed his arms. No way he was buying this. Something was not correct with this situation. “Out with it. What’s going to happen? What are you doing here?”

“What you mortals usually do in places such as this. Dancing,” Loki grabbed Tony by the wrist again and began moving to the music. His body leaned in toward Tony’s and their chests touched as Loki picked up the rhythm. Loki’s face was close and his eyes stayed with Tony’s as if he were waiting for something. It was about the most unforeseeable situation that Tony had ever been in.

“You’re punking me, right? This is some kind of--” Loki put a hand on Tony’s hip. It felt cool and strong through Tony’s shirt. Tony was pulled closer until he was pressed against Loki and he began to feel a bit panicked as the taller man leaned his mouth down to Tony’s ear. A soft breath hit his skin, expecting the next thing to be a flash of magic or a sharp object in his gut.

“Be silent,” Loki commanded.

Loki’s face pulled away as he slowly swayed with the “dummm dummm” of the song that had been muting everything but Loki’s last whisper in his ear.

Taking orders was also on the list of things Tony was not the best at.

“I don’t really do silence very well, you see. Especially when I’m being held by a guy I’m supposed to be stopping from existing.”

Loki frowned but his movements didn’t falter. His body movements against Tony’s was forcing Tony to move with him but Tony didn’t fight it as that would be another step in the direction of confrontation. Maybe he could sneak a txt out if he could just get his hand to his pocket.

“How about you let me go and I let you walk out of here? That’s a nice compromise that leaves everybody in tact for another day,” Tony offered.

The laughter lasted longer than Tony thought was really necessary. But it did get Loki to stop moving his hips against him, which defused some of Tony’s stress.

“You may leave if you wish,” Loki finally said, releasing Tony’s wrist but his hand remained on Tony’s hip. Long fingers pressing and warm after having rested there. Tony looked down at the hand, the pale skin easily visible in the dark. After a silent moment Loki pulled his hand away, his fingers trailing against the fabric of Tony’s shirt as they departed. “Farewell.”

Loki turned away dismissively and once again picking up a hip swaying dance as he moved through the crowd of fellow dancers. Anonymously moving with the masses of humans he usually wouldn’t let within ten feet of himself.

“I have no idea what just happened,” Tony said dumfounded. He stood there for a few moments, not sure of what was next. Remembering the strange feeling of Loki pressed against him Tony wasn’t sure if he was disappointed he had done the right thing or not.

Fishing his phone out from his pocket he squinted as the bright screen illuminated a small area of the dark room. A young man beside him glared but was back to his grinding against his girlfriend in instant later. Tony wondered if this situation called more for a full SHIELD response or one with a more brotherly touch as his thumb hovered over the options on his phone.

Then he thought about what he would be saying to whoever he decided on. “Loki is at the club shaking his hips at everything in sight. Come quick, emergency.”

It was life or death, obviously. Tony sighed at himself and stuffed his phone back in his pocket. He figured if he stayed out and kept an eye on Loki himself the situation had less of a chance of escalating. Unless Loki’s plan was to come later but that was something Tony was going to have to risk.

Bouncing on his tip toes he scanned the bobbing heads and bodies for Loki. A few minutes of searching and not finding him Tony began to think Loki had made with his disappearing act and vanished. Giving up his hunt he made his way back to the bar. It was about time he began to do something normal again.

Leaning against the cold wood and waiting for his drink was when he found Loki again. Off in a dark corner that was more shadows than anything. The outline of his body moved smoothly and dipped low then straightened back up. The glass placed in front of Tony sat ignored as he watched Loki move a hand up his side, past his neck and into his long dark hair.

This was not what bad guys were supposed to do. Right?

Grabbing his drink Tony mentally shook himself and worked his way back to Loki. When he approached Loki looked up as if he was expecting him. To make the situation more surreal, a woman was in front of Loki, her breasts pressed against his side and leg pushed into his. Loki was uninterested in her but he moved with her anyway with his lips upturned in a patient smile.

Tony stepped closer but was reluctant to get too close. So he was left there standing awkwardly with his drink clinking in his hand, unsure of what he was meant to do. Loki watched Tony watch him and it was getting very uncomfortable.

Then the woman making Loki’s side her home noticed where’s Loki’s attention was directed. She laughed and quickly grabbed Tony by his shirt, pulling him with her toward Loki. Tony caught up with the situation the woman seemed to think they were in and he laughed nervously.

“I am not drunk enough for this,” he said loudly to be heard over the thundering music.

Loki stepped forward and his fingers rested against the glass in Tony’s hand, tickling against Tony’s hand. He once again moved his face to the side of Tony’s so he could speak into his ear. Tony didn’t feel such a sense of panic this time but more of a adrenaline fueled curiosity.

“Then drink some more,” Loki’s words were playful and there was a dangerous smile on his lips as he pulled away to see Tony’s reaction. Tony was sure he had misheard until he saw that smile.

Tony bit his lip then followed it with his glass before he thought about what that would suggest. He had just needed a moment to process. The cold alcohol did little to distract him from Loki’s eyes and the continued proximity of his body. The claustrophobic closeness and throbbing music were combining to make it very hard to think of anything.

The woman was at Loki’s side again, hoping for some unexpected night, but Loki didn’t even spare her a glance. Tony couldn’t rip his eyes away from Loki’s to acknowledge her existence either.

“I just came back to keep an eye on you,” Tony said in a voice that was too quiet for his liking. “To make sure there was no trouble. That’s all.” Definitely. None of these tense moments full of confusing eye contact and touching. Touching had not been part of the plan.

Loki sighed and wrapped his hand around Tony’s neck, pulling him close. “Then keep an eye on me.”

Nails scraped gently against his scalp and Tony didn’t know if it was meant to be arousing or not but he didn’t stop it.

“I swear to you,” Loki’s lips were suddenly very interesting. Thin and gray in the darkness Tony watched them as Loki spoke. “I will not kill anybody tonight. If that helps calm you.”

Tony laughed and his eyes caught the woman’s bewildered look. “Your word is about as good as her chances of understanding what we’re talking about.”

Loki turned his eyes to the woman and slowly shrugged. “True.”

Growing increasingly confused and bored by them, and catching on to their mutual dismissal of her, she left their side and sidled her way into another group of dancing bodies.

“Your fan club wasn’t very diehard,” Tony said as he watched her leave.

Loki’s fingers pressed firmly against the base of Tony’s nape and he swung his body in closer. Lean but fit hips pushed into Tony’s and chest pressed against chest. The amusement was gone from Loki’s face and his eyes seemed darker, unable to see any hint of their usual shining green being shadowed under his brows.

“Shut up,” he breathed in a huff against Tony’s face.

“If I don’t?”

Tony found himself moving as Loki worked their bodies into a slow rocking. It wasn’t really in time with anything but it felt nice.

“Then I will be forced to break my word,” he threatened.

“Right,” Tony nodded and became acutely aware that he could feel each of Loki’s breaths against his cheeks. For the greater good and all that jazz, he thought.

He placed a hesitant hand on Loki’s side. Tony still wasn’t quite sure what Loki was playing at or where any of this was actually going but with each moment Loki stayed so close he gave less of a damn.

Silence fell between them and music filled it. It wasn’t like the music was that good, Tony didn’t come here for the dancing but the booze and attractive people. But despite that he felt the beats bound in his chest and idly thought that he could distinctly feel the vibrations run through the arc reactor. Loki’s fingers slid back toward the bottom of his skull and the sensation made Tony close his eyes.

They moved together like that for a while, a kind of dance that was full of waiting. A wait for the other person to change the situation. Loki’s dancing was nothing like when Tony had seen him dancing on his own. It was more constrained and less provocative.

That is until the song changed and it was a deeper thrum. Between the music, repetitive motions and fingers massaging against his skin Tony found himself relaxing. His body reflected his new confidence and he began to find himself wondering what would happen if he touched that long neck stretched out in front of him. When it became less of a stray thought and more of an urge Tony broke away long enough to set his forgotten glass on the floor and push it away with his foot.

A hand tangled itself in his hair, fingers splaying through the strands. Tony hadn’t calculated that having to bend over meant he’d come back up past Loki’s waist and those dancing hips. If he lingered down there longer than necessary he didn’t think anybody would blame him. Except for most of SHIELD, probably. And Steve. And Thor of course.

He coughed and smiled because he didn’t know what else to do to cover up where his mind was going. Loki’s hand made its’ way to his shoulder and down his arm, leaving a trail of sensation that gave Tony goose bumps.

There was that neck again. And long strands of hair falling in front of Loki’s eyes as he dropped his head. Then he spun around putting his back to Tony and raising his arms to pull his hair back. Tony moved closer, remember he was taking one for the team. Stepping in to keep Loki out of trouble because that’s what this was.

Honestly, Thor should thank him.

Tony put a hand to Loki’s back, feeling the slight tension in the muscles at his touch. Loki looked over his shoulder and Tony thought he was smiling but it was hard to tell. All Tony really saw was black hair, pale skin where neck met shoulder and an ass moving in ways that he’d never thought he’d see.

It wasn’t hard to get into a dancing mood after that. With Loki tempting him to follow his body with his own. Tony felt it was only part of the dancing process when Loki’s ass was pressed against his crotch and his hands were moving over hips and shoulders. And when Loki’s arm came back and he grabbed Tony’s head, pulling him closer and pressing Tony’s face against the crook in his neck that Tony had been admiring earlier.

He could smell the sweat on Loki’s skin and some kind of shampoo that was strong so near that soft hair. His hand crept into the long waves of it, amazed that it ran so easily through his fingers.

A swift movement and Loki was facing him again, one long arm draping over Tony’s shoulder and the other gripping tightly over his hipbone. Loki pulled Tony’s hips into his, practically gyrating together. Tony let out a heavy breath against the base of Loki’s neck and before he realized what he was doing his lips were on that same skin.

He paused then, waiting for his brain to kick in or for Loki to stop him but neither happened. His lips continued, pressing against the hollow in Loki’s neck and then working his way slowly up. Tony rested a hand just above Loki’s ass, his fingers flexing against the flesh and muscle.

“You’re more reserved than I had thought you would be,” Loki said, his lips brushing Tony’s temple.

Tony looked up in question.

“I wasn’t sure you could handle me,” Tony smiled. He grabbed the back of Loki’s head and pulled him into a sudden kiss. Their lips met in a forceful collision then it softened into something more fluid. Soft and wet, Loki’s lips were. Surprising to Tony, since had always imagined Loki was nothing but hard sharp lines and painful edges.

Tony pulled out of the kiss and felt good about himself when he saw the surprised smile on Loki’s mouth. For a moment they had stopped moving but their bodies picked it up again. They were a breath apart, lips hinting at moving in again but not quite.

Loki’s hand was at the side of Tony’s thigh, running up and then back down, teasing with the rotating of their hips. A strong leg was suddenly between his, pressing, and Tony shook his head at Loki’s unsubtle hints.

It was a game both of them could play.

His hand slid lower, over the curve of Loki’s buttock, digging his fingers in lightly to get a feel for the strange new territory. It was a nice ass, Tony had to admit. A good perky handful. Something could be said for the exercise routine rampaging and destroying provided.

But god, that leg against him felt good.

Tony dropped his forehead to Loki’s shoulder and just rode the moment, letting himself once again feel the vibrations of the music along with every point of contact his body had with Loki’s. Something he never thought he’d ever be doing. It made it all the more vivid.

A few moments passed and Tony lifted his head to then have his mouth seized by Loki’s lips. The rumble that came from Loki’s throat felt somewhat unhinged, Tony wished he could have heard it over the pounding bass in his ears.

Their legs began stepping, becoming less of a dance and more shuffling and stumbling before Tony’s back hit a wall. Loki leaned low so he could keep Tony’s lips locked with his. Tony coaxed his tongue against Loki’s lower lip, gripping the collar of Loki’s shirt tight in a grip when he opened those soft thin lips for him.

Loki pressed his leg back in between Tony’s and pinned Tony’s free hand against the wall to their side. His chest was pounding, his head buzzed, his ears were ringing and he was restrained to the wall, only able to squirm against Loki’s long body. It was one of the hottest things Tony had ever experienced.

He would have been embarrassed by the growing erection he was sporting, pressing urgently against his pants, encouraged by the friction of Loki’s leg and abdomen but then this was for the safety of the public. But then… they were in public. Tony had completely forgotten about their surroundings but as Loki’s lips and teeth moved over his jaw it was hard to remember what his own name was let alone that this was completely insane.

Luckily for Tony’s publicist, a big burly guy with fat fingers and no hair grabbed them both by the shoulder and shouted, “Take it outside. Only dancing here!”

Loki frowned deeply at the man and shrugged the hand off his shoulder and with a curt roll of his eyes ignored the man‘s presence. Tony laughed and nodded, waving the man off.

“Right. Got it. Thanks.”

The man gave the both hard judging looks then turned and left them to gather themselves, for a while sending them glances to make sure they followed the rules.

Loki stood tall and pulled at his shirt to straighten the wrinkles. Tony cleared his throat and tried not to draw attention to his crotch.

“You know, I got a mansion,” Tony finally said. Loki blinked at him and didn’t seem to catch on. “Not far from here.”

“Yes, I am aware,” Loki said and Tony wanted to slap his hand to his head.

“Where we could go…” Tony let the sentence trail off and raised his eyebrows at Loki.

“You wish us to go there to have sex?” Loki seemed to be getting some strange pleasure out of forcing Tony to go through this.

Tony let out a long breath and leaned against the wall.

“Well, yes.”

Loki seemed to consider it for a few seconds and then finally decided on shaking his head. “No. Thank you, Stark. But I will bid you a farewell.”

Tony opened his mouth but before any sound came out a thin green light washed over Loki and then he vanished.

“What!” Tony threw his arms in the air and glared at the space in front of him. “I should have seen that coming, I guess.”


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