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Fanfic: Loki/Magneto - The Unwanted (Ch. 2)

Well, this has been a long time. I'm sorry and I'm sorry it's so short. To be very honest this fic is giving me a lot of trouble for some reason and that's what the hold up is. It's just not coming out of me like I would have hoped.

Title: The Unwanted
Summary: Loki let's go of Thor to fall through the opening they had ripped in space to find himself not only on Earth but thrown back in time as well. In the 1960's, just weeks after the events of X-Men: First Class, Loki comes across Magneto and Mystique in a diner. Opportunities abound.
Characters-Pairings: Loki-Magneto, Mystique, vague hints at Xavier/Magneto
Rating: PG (at this point)
Warnings: Some... violence.
Word Count: 3359

Previous Chapters: 1

Azazel brought them to a small alley near their destination, close enough to walk the rest of the way and for him not to be seen by the crowds that were gathering. Erik sent him away and he continued forward with Mystique disguised as what she liked her human form to look like or maybe what she believed she’d look like if she had remained human, long blond hair and light skin. It was best that way, they were not here to draw attention to themselves.

Erik’s goal was to remain quiet for a while yet, long enough to get the government off his trail. Any reports the US agencies received of unusual activity in the country was quickly investigated by anonymous men in suits who gave up little information when caught. Erik believed it was because they actually knew little of what they were after. It’s not that Erik thought themselves unable of dealing with them but it did have risks he didn’t wish to take at this current point in time. Mystique, though she had been training hard, had seen very little of the violent side of things and Erik wanted to make sure she was ready when they did.

“It’s a fire,” Mystique said in an surprisingly alarmed tone as she stepped out of the alleyway. Erik ignored her obvious statement and instead surveyed the area.

It was a home that was ablaze, flames dancing in the wind and dark smoke trailing off into the sky. A large crowd of onlookers stood a good distance back from the building as firemen worked to get the fire under control. They all stared as if transfixed and because of this nobody seemed to take notice of the young boy sitting on the curb a couple homes down the street, tears obviously falling down his cheeks and a worried expression on his face.

He immediately knew the boy was what was important here. There had been a list Charles Xavier had made using Cerebro. A list of mutants that the government had asked them to find. But Erik had seen the list a few times and remembered a good number of the coordinates that had been on there. It was the reason they were here in the quiet of New Mexico, to find a mutant boy.

Erik put a couple fingers on Mystique’s arm to grab her attention from the fire and he pointed at the boy. Mystique nodded and planted a smile on her face as she strolled over to the boy in a casual stride. Erik watched as she knelt down beside him and began talking with a concerned look on her face. The brown headed boy responded to her words and he wiped tears from his eyes and nodded. Mystique wrapped a comforting arm around his small shoulders and gave him soothing words. He accepted them and then stood when she did, following her back to Erik.

“It’s alright,” Mystique was saying softly to him as he caught Erik’s eyes. “He’s my friend. He’s here to help you.”

“They took them,” the boy said in a pleading manner. Erik reached out his arm and pulled the child close so he could get a good look at him. His eyes were tinged with red from all the crying and there was a dark smudge of dirt or ash across his left cheek but the rest of him appeared clean and unharmed.

“They took who?”

“My parents. They took them,” he answered, his voice breaking.

Erik sighed and felt a pang of sadness reach out from his heart but that served no purpose here so he ignored it. “Come, you can tell us what happened but first let’s get you away from here and cleaned up.”

The child was still upset by the time they returned to their temporary home. His eyes and face were puffy but Mystique was there with patient and calming words. Erik was the first to enter and Angel popped her head out of a room and frowned at the boy but she said nothing. Peering into a room as they passed, Erik saw Azazel quietly reading but in order not to shock the boy he pulled the door closed by the metal of the lock. They needed information not to stand around explaining mutant genes to a young boy.

Mystique directed the boy to an empty room that seemed to have been used by an office by the humans who had occupied it before them. Emma had sent them on a sudden holiday, both insisting it was time they got some much needed relaxation. As he thought of her she appeared, Emma Frost, blond, serene and features most would agree were beautiful. She was wearing white as it had somehow become the look she was accustomed to. Erik never bothered asking her about it because it did not matter.

“What can you gather from this boy?” Erik asked her.

“Nothing,” Emma answered. Erik frowned and she glared at him. “Since that bastard who called himself Loki pushed me out of his mind everything has been hard to focus on.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

“They took them!” the boy they knew little about suddenly cried out in distress. Mystique put a hand on the boys knee and frowned sadly.

“Took them where?” Erik asked, stepping further into the room and away from Emma. Her inability to use her telepathic ability made her useless to him at that moment.

“They took my parents with them. To where they wanted to take me.”

“Where did they want to take you?”

“I-- I don’t know. They said something about a… a base. Where they were taking mutants. Mutants! I don’t even understand that, but that’s what they called me. We were just eating dinner but they came and said they were taking me away to keep everybody safe. They said it was for my own good but I was scared.”

He frowned down at his hands and began to cry again.

“I hid. They took my parents and I just hid.”

“You did the right thing, my boy,” Erik said and put a hand on the boys hair.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find them and get your parents back,” Mystique added.

“You will?”

Erik frowned in disapproval at Mystique as she nodded. He would have to discuss that attitude with her. Their mission was not a crusade to help put upon homo sapiens, no matter who they parented.

“We’ll find them,” Erik said and it was affirmation enough for the child. The boy smiled and took a deep breath as if he could suddenly relax.

Mystique rubbed a hand against his little shoulders and smiled too. “What’s your name?”

He took a quick breath as if collecting his thoughts and said, “Brian.”

Mystique glanced at Erik and he nodded. This was the boy they were after and it seemed more than just they were on the hunt. They had to move quickly. He looked over his shoulder at Emma, who had remained near the doorway. He opened his mouth to let her know to warn the others to prepare but then realized her current state and his mouth closed. She narrowed her eyes at him and folded her arms under her breasts.

“Brian, go with Ms. Frost. She will show you to a room where you can rest. I’m sure you need it,” he said as he ushered the boy to her. Emma let out a sharp breath and didn’t so much as look at Brian as he approached her.

“You can’t be serious.”

Erik nodded, “Quite serious. I need your mind not your skin.”

Emma gave him a deep frown but snatched the boy up and escorted him out of the room. When she was gone Erik turned his own frown on Mystique.

“What?” she asked in confusion.

“Do not promise things you have no intention of following through on,” he said as he paced across the room. “Especially to children.”

“But if we find his parents we--”

“We are not looking for his parents.”

Mystique seemed frozen for a moment and then slowly looked away.

“Caring about the fate of these humans is not what we’re here for.”

“You think they took other mutants?”

“More than likely. What I’m not sure of is if any of those mutants even made it to this base.”

Mystique turned her eyes to catch his and shook her head. “They wouldn’t just kill them.”

“Why not?” Erik wondered how Mystique could hold on so strongly to the naïve beliefs she had developed in her isolated life with Charles. “Remember what they tried to do to use. Remember their first reaction to us when they no longer needed us. What do humans always do to a dangerous creature they do not understand?”

Mystique’s features fell and she looked heartbroken for a quick moment as if it were all finally settling in but then she recovered. She had known it all to be true but a part of her had held out hope it was all wrong. The truth could not be hidden tough. It was them against the world.

“Come. It’s time we got moving,” Erik said sternly but as Mystique stood he put his hands on her shoulders and settled in front of her. His right thumb stroked softly against her neck in a soothing motion. Erik had tried not to care. For most of his life he had been on his own. Fighting for survival and fighting for his vengeance and he had never known attachment to be anything but a burden. But try as he might Mystique had wormed her way into his affections. He was developing too many weaknesses of late and it frustrated him.

“I’m fine,” Mystique said and put a hand over top his on her shoulder. “I’ve just thought for so long now that there would eventually be a place for me beside all the normal people. Where I can be me.”

“There isn’t.”

“I believe that. But despite that I still hope sometimes.”

“You’re beyond them. Who you are is what they should all aspire to be.”

Mystique smiled and Erik dropped his hands. “Let’s go,” she said.


Loki could travel silently when he chose to but he let his be presence known as his feet stepped over short grass and hard dirt. It was at the top of a pathetically sized hill that he found Magneto, who had his back to him and eyes intent on the sights below. The sights were something of interest so Loki did not take it personal that the man didn’t turn for more than the slightest glance in his direction.

“You’ve returned. I can’t say that it doesn’t make me curious,” the human said with a voice that was tinged with concern. This man had previously appeared to be somewhat good at hiding what he didn’t want to be seen so maybe it was a false concern added to make Loki feel more confident about his position. Either way Loki knew more of what was going on than Magneto and that was what built his confidence. He needed no aid from a mortal playing at mind games.

“I found myself curious,” Loki said, stepping forward to stand at Magneto’s left. “A child’s life hanging in the balance. It was too much not to come with an inquiry to his well being.”

Magneto huffed and shifted his feet. That’s when Loki noticed the helmet he gripped in front of him in a casual stance that was betrayed by the tight grip his fingers had on the metal. Maybe he was concerned after all. Concerned for his life? Loki dismissed the idea immediately. But concern for another’s life was a delicious suspicion.

“Why did you lead me to the boy?” Magneto asked. “If it worried you so much then why not step in before his parents were even taken and his house burnt down?”

Loki shook his head with a smile. “To what end? To feel a sense of pride at my good deed? Oh, no. Much more interesting to see what you made of the situation.”

“I see,” sharp blue eyes finally turned to Loki and it was Loki’s turn to look away to show him that he was of no importance.

“I doubt it,” Loki said dismissively. He surveyed the land below them and wondered what mayhem would soon be erupting down there. It was a well fortified military compound. Tall fences with sharp metal to dissuade intruders from climbing over. Patrols of men with large weaponry that Loki assumed was lethal to most creatures on this realm. There were thick concrete walls and vehicles moving about in a busy manner. “Is there to be a battle soon?”

Magneto dropped his eyes from Loki and peered out once again at his soon to be battlefield. “That‘s a decision that will be made when I am down there.”

“Don’t let it be a decision that is made too late, mortal. You and your fellows only have but one life to give to your cause,” Loki said earnestly. He was rewarded when Magneto blinked and for a brief moment seemed unsure. It was a concern for somebody else that he could not hide and the reveal brightened Loki’s mood.

Magneto raised the strangely shaped helmet and settled it atop his head. It covered everything but his mouth and eyes, giving him a mysterious look if not for the color. But maybe the deep magenta was some meaningful shade in this place. Loki took little time worrying about the fashion choices of mortals.

“And what do you know or care about our cause?” Magneto asked.

“I don’t,” Loki laughed. “Humans, mutants. You’re all the same to me.” Magneto frowned deeply but sometimes the truth hurt. “But I do dislike tired and broken leaderships. I’ve been watching. I’ve been waiting. This world needs something new. Something strong.”

“And this something new and strong is supposed to be you? Am I right?” Magneto was being a bit more difficult than Loki wanted. Loki stepped nearer and when Magneto allowed it he smiled disarmingly.

“You misunderstand me,” Loki said softly and eagerly. “I’ve been watching this world and I’ve seen what they don’t see. I have seen you. And your fellows. I have come to interject my help when I can but direct involvement…” he trailed off and shook his index finger back and forth in front of Magneto’s nose.

Magneto laughed and said, “No direct involvement? So you’re not supposed to be here. You’re hiding. Or are you running from something? Or someone?”

Loki’s smile slipped for a brief moment and he took a step back. Inwardly he boiled with embarrassment and anger but he kept his outer calm.

“Think what you will, mortal. But through my actions one of your own is safe and many more might be saved here tonight if you do not get yourself killed by your own stupidity,” Loki said sharply. He wanted to bring this human down from his high opinion of himself but that would have to wait.

Magneto’s interest was suddenly piqued and he leaned toward Loki in his enthusiasm. “You know something about this place. Tell me what more they are keeping in there and I might be open to hearing you out.”

Loki looked down at his nails in disinterest and shook his head. “Might. Maybe. Possibly. I do not make deals on such unsolid a foundation.”

Loki was confident his work had paid off and that this Magneto would agree to work with him at last and so he waited for the confirmation to come from Magneto’s lips.

Magneto took a moment to look Loki over and then he turned back toward the compound below them. “Then it seems we will not be getting to know each other better because I do not make deals at all if I can help it. And in this case I can. I suggest you leave soon unless you want to be caught near the “direct involvement” area.”

As he said those words Magneto began lifting into the air, away from his objective and Loki, leaving Loki on the hilltop alone. Loki’s fists were tight balls of frustration but he did not break his features until Magneto was well out of line of sight and then he scowled at the humans bustling beneath his gaze. This defiant mutant was not a real problem for his plan but it was a irritant. But Loki knew it wouldn’t remain that way for long so he forgot Magneto and his over confident words. Besides, he had another place to be as well.


The difficult part was not getting inside of the facility. For Erik that was the easy part. But Mystique had insisted on coming and with her morality still on the side of keeping everybody alive Erik had a more difficult task in front of him. It took a rather skillful hand to smash a man in the head with a metal door hard enough to knock him out but not kill him. Or to tie him up in a manner that kept him immobile and quiet but did not risk him being able to pull his gun out at any point.

So with the concerned eyes of Mystique watching his every move it was slow work getting through the compound. Erik was certain any moment one of their victims would be discovered and reinforcements called. They traveled through hall after hall and no sign of holding cells or prisoners. No sign of anybody ever being brought here.

“Maybe they did kill them all,” Mystique said quietly as she followed him into a large room with a large desk and a stacks of papers laying on it in neat piles.

Erik dropped the door’s lock to the ground with a loud clang and immediately moved to the official folders on the desk. It was the commanding officer’s room and here they would find out what was really going on. He rifled through them quickly, only skimming them for something to catch his attention since most of them were about the every day management of the facility.

“Anything?” Mystique asked as she began looking through a different folder.

Erik got to the end and slammed the papers back down on to the desk. “Nothing of concern.”

“Wait,” Mystique said urgently. “Erik, this looks like…”

She held up a sheet of paper and on it was numbers set out in latitudes and longitudes. Coordinates and some of them scratched out in a dark pen. Erik took the paper from her hand and when he recognized some of the coordinates he snatched the entire folder from her. Erik went through it and quickly realized the entire list of mutants he and Charles had put together was there.

“Charles said there‘s no way they could have this,” Erik said in disbelief.

Mystique frowned and shook her head, “Maybe he didn’t know. I’m sure he didn’t know.”

Erik glared at her, “How could he not know?”

She shook her head with more conviction but didn’t have an answer. Mystique gently took the folder from his hands and closed it and then took a deep breath. “I don’t know but we have to get out of here.”

Erik agreed but he suddenly wished he hadn’t been so gentle with the guards and he wanted to level the buildings around him. There was no evidence of prisoners but if they didn’t want the mutants on the list around then there was no need to take prisoner. The list being here was evidence enough for Erik. But Erik kept his eyes forward and made his escape with Mystique at his side but when they were clear of the compound he stopped.

“Give the folder to me, Mystique,” Erik demanded. She hesitated and for a moment held it close to her chest before relinquishing it.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Visit a friend,” he said.

“Erik!” Mystique shouted after him as he took off into the sky where she could not follow.

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